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The Benefits of Neuropathy Supplements - What You Need To Know

Peripheral neuropathy isn’t fun. It can cause numbness, burning, and even paralysis, among many other unsavory conditions. Thankfully, there are ways to treat it.

One of the best ways is with all-natural supplements, but as with any treatment, it’s best to not go in blind. With that in mind, here are all the benefits of neuropathy supplements you need to know.

Top Benefits of Neuropathy Supplements You Need to Know

When it comes to treating something as serious and debilitating as neuropathy, always do your homework. It’s also important to talk to your doctor, so you know for sure that your treatments are suited to your particular condition, which may be slightly different from that of others.

Once you have the go-ahead, here are some of the best benefits you can get from all-natural neuropathy supplements.

1. Strengthen Your Nervous System

Neuropathy is what happens when your nervous system is damaged and begins to malfunction, and this can be caused by a deficiency in vitamin B.

For this reason, B vitamins, such as B-12, can do wonders in helping to keep your nervous system strong and resilient. B-12 is particularly important for the elderly, as it’s common for them to not get enough through their diets.

2. Raise Energy Levels

By taking Acetyl-L-carnitine supplements, you can not only build up healthier nerve cells and reduce pain, but you can also raise your energy levels. In fact, Acetyl-L-carnitine has proven to be particularly effective with those whose neuropathy is a direct result of their chemotherapy.

Because a common side-effect of chemotherapy is exhaustion, the energy-boosting effects of Acetyl-L-carnitine can prove invaluable.

3. Increase Circulation

Over time, high glucose levels in your blood can cause damage to the lining of your small blood vessels, impeding your circulation. Neuropathy can occur when blood flow to the arms and legs is slowed down. Decreased blood flow deprives the nerve cells of oxygen, causing nerve damage or nerve cell death. Most supplements for nerve health use L-Arginine for vasodilation and to increase NO levels. However, recent studies demonstrate that L-Citrulline is far better than L-Arginine at increasing NO levels. This is very important because NO mediated vasodilation will increase delivery of oxygen and nutrients to poorly perfused nerves to re-establish their normal membrane potential. So, it is important to choose a supplement containing L-Citrulline.

4. Restore Essential Amino Acids

Since taurine depletion has been demonstrated in blood samples of patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes as well as in the peripheral nerve, a dietary supplement containing taurine is recommended. Taurine treatment has been found to reduce lipid peroxidation and attenuate deficits of nerve conduction, dorsal root ganglion neuron calcium signaling, endoneurial blood flow, and hyperalgesia. Taurine is a sulfur-containing, free amino acid that has multiple putative metabolic functions including that of an antioxidant. Taurine exerts a variety of biological actions, including antioxidation, modulation of ion movement, osmoregulation, modulation of neurotransmitters, and conjugation of bile acids which may maintain physiological homeostasis. Recently, data is accumulating that show the effectiveness of taurine against diabetes mellitus and insulin resistance, along with its complications, including retinopathy, nephropathy, and neuropathy. Recent data suggest taurine supplementation as well as strategies directed toward prevention of taurine depletion as potential therapies to help prevent or reverse diabetic neuropathy.

All-Natural Neuropathy Supplements Could Offer the Relief You Need

When it comes to neuropathy, there are several different treatments available. However, few of them are as all-natural and user-friendly as supplements. While you should always contact your doctor and receive their input, supplements such as vitamin B, Acetyl-L-carnitine, and fish oil can go a long way in relieving your neuropathy symptoms.

Plus, reducing inflammation, strengthening your nervous system, and raising your energy levels are only a few of the benefits that you can receive from all-natural supplements.

After you receive the okay from your doctor, the benefits of neuropathy supplements may be hard to pass up.

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