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Our Genesis

NeuropAWAY® was invented by William Cross, a type 1 diabetic to help him deal with the burning, tingling, and numbness he was experiencing at a young age. At first, William looked at the prescription drugs available to him but decided he did not want to deal with the horrible side effects they had. After several years of formulation, William came up with NeuropAWAY®. In 2017, the U. S. Small Business Administration’s Georgia District Office selected William as Young Entrepreneur of the Year. In their letter to him, they note in part “Your efforts have not only provided job opportunities in the community, they have also helped thousands of people ease their debilitating pain.” For the next few years, William would attend trade shows and give out free samples to pharmacies and large distribution companies, trying to gain market traction. Each time he would get a response back from a pharmacy or large company that they tried the samples and the product worked great! That is how he grew the company and finally got on the shelves of Walmart, Kroger, H-E-B, thousands of independent pharmacies, and other large retail chains.

Clinically Proven Formula

Knowing his formula worked, William set out to prove  the efficacy of NeuropAWAY® and retained a Clinical Research Organization to conduct a 60 patient, double blind, placebo controlled clinical study. The study was completed, and the results were outstanding. After 42 days of consumption, the study participants receiving NeuropAWAY® experienced an overall reduction in their symptoms by ~76% when compared to the group receiving the placebo. The study is currently awaiting peer review and should be published soon. We can’t wait to share the full study with you, as you will be amazed to see the results!

How it works

William carefully chose each ingredient in NeuropAWAY® and tested it until he had it right.  The perfect balance of ingredients makes the formula work just right and is a patented formula unlike any other on the market. NeuropAWAY® works to support nerve function and eliminate mixed signals that can cause nerve discomfort.

Where to Buy


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Please remember, NeuropAWAY® is in the diabetes section of the pharmacy.