William Cross


William H. Cross, III, President and CEO of VasoCorp, seeks to improve life for millions of diabetics through innovative health solutions. Recently recognized as the Small Business Entrepreneur of the year, William was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic at age 13. By the age of 17, he started feeling tingling and numbness in his hands and feet. William’s passion for research and development fueled his search for a formula that would help with his nerve pain and improve his quality of life for the future. After five years of over-the-counter supplement research, NeuropAWAY® was introduced in 2015 as well as several other prescription and non-prescription formulations to be manufactured. This award-winning formula for neuropathy soon surpassed William’s own needs, and has since touched the lives of many suffering from this affliction. William hopes to be able to help others like himself who suffer from nerve pain with NeuropAWAY® products.

Michelle Cross

Chief Compliance Officer

Michelle has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science is currently completing her Juris Doctorate degree. She serves as President of FYI Diabetes, a non-profit organization dedicated to funding a cure for Type 1 diabetes. Michelle has over 6 years of experience in sales and finance and is extremely dedicated to her work. Through her work with VasoCorp, FYI Diabetes and other work endeavors, Michelle hopes to improve the quality of life for all diabetics.

Bill Cross

Chief Operating Officer

Bill Cross is an experienced entrepreneur with over 25 years' experience in sales, marketing, and business development. He has been at the core of several start-ups from pre-revenue to rapid revenue growth. Of note in the startup arena, Bill helped raise seed round funding for prototype development of a non-invasive glucose monitor from a major pharmaceutical company. In addition, Bill co-founded a non-profit that is focused on finding a cure and prevention of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Bill hopes to bring relief to and ensure that people with diabetes live long, healthy lives.

Bob Cecil

RPh, VP of Sales

Bob is a well-known pharmacist owning five pharmacies throughout his career. He is a respected member of the pharmacy community. Bob graduated from Southern School of Pharmacy (Mercer University) in 1976, where he would later be honored as Preceptor of the Year. After graduating from Mercer University, Bob began his career as a pharmacist and purchased half of The Prescription Center in Decatur Georgia, and then opened Montreal Medical Center in 1979. In 1983, Bob moved to Powder Springs, GA and purchased Cooper Drug, where he would meet William Cross and serve as his pharmacist for over 25 years (since he was a baby). Bob saw William grow as a patient with Type 1 diabetes, always researching his condition and methods to improve the tingling and numbness he experienced in his own hands and feet. Over the years, Bob assisted William in the formulation of NeuropAWAY® until it became the proven formula it is today. In 2017, Bob retired from pharmacy and became VP of Sales for VasoCorp to continue his career improving the lives of others via health through innovation.

Sasha Bell

VP of Marketing

Sasha graduated summa cum laude from the University of West Georgia with a bachelor’s in Marketing and Management. Her studies concentrated on business management and sustainable growth, which earned her many honors and awards including Marketing Student of the Year and Outstanding Honors College student three consecutive years. She conducted a three month long research project for a local business which was accepted and presented at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research in 2017. Sasha met William Cross at the University of West Georgia in attendance of the Georgia Bowl business plan competition and was astounded by his research and innovations. Sasha’s father-in-law and grandmother suffer from diabetes and nerve pain, and as a result, she strives to support efforts like those of VasoCorp’s to improve quality of life for millions of people affected by this prevalent disease that causes diabetic nerve pain.